[Tweeters] Skamania County Migrants

Wilson Cady gorgebirds at juno.com
Mon Sep 1 21:34:46 PDT 2014

After a rather disappointing migration at our place, in western Skamania County, with only a few small flocks of birds moving through during late August, today the birds arrived with the return of sunshine. As usual Susan and I started our morning with our coffee and breakfast on the deck. I knew it was going to be a good day when I spotted four WARBLING VIREOS and 5 BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLERS In the flowering plum across the driveway before I even sat down. During the two and a half hours of observation we saw 4 TURKEY VULTURES, RED-TAILED HAWK, 13 BAND-TAILED PIGEONS, 10 MOURNING DOVES, 9 BLACK SWIFTS, 5 RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRDS, 1 DOWNY WOODPECKER, NORTHERN FLICKERS, 1 PILEATED WOODPECKER, 1 WESTERN WOOD-PEWEE, 3 PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHERS, 4 CASSIN'S VIREOS, 16 WARBLING VIREOS, 8 STELLER'S JAYS, 24 AMERICAN CROWS, 1 COMMON RAVEN, 8 VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS, 6 BLACK-CAPPED CHICKADEES, 4 CHESTNUT-BACKED CHICKADEES, 3 RED-BREASTED NUTHATCHES, 4 SWAINSON'S THRUSH, 1 HERMIT THRUSH, 7 AMERICAN ROBINS, 3O CEDAR WAXWING, 2 ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLERS, 2 YELLOW WARBLERS, 30 BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLERS, 3 TOWNSEND'S WARBLERS, 2 HERMIT WARBLERS, 4 SPOTTED TOWHEES, 6 SONG SPARROWS, 12 DARK-EYED JUNCOS, 5 WESTERN TANAGERS 8 HOUSE FINCH, 2 RED CROSSBILL, 1O AMERICAN GOLDFINCH and 6 EVENING GROSBEAK. We a looking forward to tomorrow morning and hopefully another good day of migration. Wilson Cady
Columbia River Gorge, WA

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