[Tweeters] Sha-dax Wetlands

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Mon Sep 1 18:26:19 PDT 2014

I have received quite a few requests for directions and questions on where
the Sha-dax Wetlands in Fife are, and others saying that they drive around
the neighborhoods looking for a viewing spot and can't find any access.
The hotspot point on Ebird is a little deceptive and can throw you off.

Here are the best directions that I can come up with:

I go on North Levee road to 70th street, turn onto 70th. From 70th take a
left on 43rd, 43rd jogs hard to the left then right, here there is a bus
stop. Park here,the trail head is here on the right along the fence
obscured a bit by bushes, walk down the trail about 150 yards to a big
scratch mark in the gravel on the trail. At the scratch mark Turn right
and walk through the trees to the pond viewing.

This is by no means a big birding destination, but it continues to produce
harder to find Pierce County birds and is a good stop if in the area.

Mike Charest
Tacoma, Washington
mcharest at wamail.net

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