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Mon Sep 1 07:47:32 PDT 2014

Boundary Bay and Point Roberts have become a carnal house of Dead Birds that allegedly have been captured in Commercial Fish Nets
Just heard that 45 More seabirds were counted in Boundary Bay on the Canadian Side Most were Murre
5 Murre were counted Most were East of the Beach Front Houses I strongly Believe that residents are Burying In the Area Between the Marina to the Beach Cabins East of South Beach Road. Many Families Use the Beach It's sandy on the LOW Tide for the Most part Beach Toys Litter the High water area . Of COURSE Parents would Not want a Lot of DEAD Carcasses Near their Children's Play area !
There was great concentrations of Eel Grass Wreck Rolled up on the Beach along with algae deeply laid up on the High Water Mark Smaller Birds such as Rhino and Pigeon Guillemots and Murre could easily get rolled up in the Material thrown up by waves Although Other Years or Later in the season the situation be worse My count should be conservative
August 31,2014. I went against my better judgment and walked the Beaches at Point Roberts Washington! I walked from the Cannery Pilings At Watcom County Park Lilly Point Pt. Roberts Wash. to the Boat Ramp at Light House Park 29 Murre 3 Rhino 2 Loons 1 Western Grebe 4 Cormorants 1 Grebe Sp. Head Missing [ Horned or Eared 1] Possibly 2 Seals 2 Desiccated Most Murre 21 were West of the Marina Total Count

11:18 Just West of the Marina Point Roberts Washington Started the Trip Heading Towards Light House Park In the third leg of the walk where most of the Dead Animals were located . This is a Rocky / more pebble beach not as well used by families as the Beaches East of the Marina . With the exception of Light House Park Area
21 Murre [ One appeared to be an Imm. ] 1 Harbour Seal 1 Grebe Species [ Horned or Eared head Missing ? ] 1 Western Grebe
1 Pelagic Cormorant
1 Guillemot Injured on the beach

One section of Seine Net and a Net Light
Several sections of Long thick Poly Line and numerous types of Garbage were seen along the Shoreline
12:10 Reached the Boat ramp
None of the birds were sampled as I'm a Canadian And cannot take anything through the border . Also no birds were marked . I did this as a Volunteer But could still run into problems with US Immigration if they saw my count as being WORK . So I have to be very Limited in doing this . I'm also mindful;; that in doing this I'm trespassing on Private Beaches So it's a little precarious walking the tidal areas in Washington State
Yours Richard Swanston Delta

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