[Tweeters] Lake Sammamish SP American White Pelican Continues

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Sun Nov 30 18:36:10 PST 2014

My wife and I were down at LSSP a little after noon. The AMERICAN WHITE PELICAN was tucked in the bay west of the boat launch, giving us pretty good views, though looking into the sun. At about 12:45, it took off flying, heading around the point towards the main part of LSSP. The pelican had gotten to about tree-top height. Suddenly, an adult BALD EAGLE dove on the pelican. The pelican frantically and ungracefully dropped to the water, losing a feather and its dignity in the process. The eagle did no more than turn around low over the swimming pelican and fly back to the trees.
Maybe 45 minutes later, we were at the main beach at LSSP and saw the pelican fly from the boat launch area all the way west to the cove that is just west of the park. It swam into that cove and disappeared.
BTW – the beach itself featured two HERRING GULLS.
== Michael Hobbs
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