[Tweeters] snow and feeders and hummers

Joanna Bailey joanna at isomedia.com
Sat Nov 29 19:48:51 PST 2014

A few people have emailed me, asking about the heated hummingbird feeders, so I thought I would post to the main list.

We got the 16 oz size from here http://hummersheateddelight.com/feeders.html

You actually have to mail a check to the guy, no paypal or online ordering, but he shipped it fast and it seems like a good design. Ours is plugged in to a thermocube, so comes on at 35 and off as 45 I think.

The light bulb is on a metal clip that comes right out of the base if needed. I had it up for a day and our resident hummers didn’t have a problem with it. I might order another one, since one Anna’s male guards it all the time.


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