[Tweeters] Re: fishing line and Edmonds snowy owl

Chaya Anderson secretagent00k9 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 23:01:57 PST 2014

Thanks Terry for the report. I was looking at the pictures again tonight and it doe look like fishing line.

I don't know what time you were in Edmonds on the 26th. I arrived at about 1:45 and stayed until about 4:30 (as long as I could until it was too dark to take pictures). I noticed the "string-like" object on the owl's face even in my pictures that were taken quite late in the day. The video I took also clearly shows something blowing in the breeze on the owl's face.

If you were there later than I was on the 26th and the object is gone, then that's good news!

I will try to see if I can't see the owl again either tomorrow morning before work, and definitely again on Sunday.

Thanks again!


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