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Chaya, thanks for reporting on the Snowy Owl. Hopefully someone will be
able to determine if it is fishing line or not and get help for the owl if

Improperly discarded fishing line takes a terrible toll on wildlife. In
addition, my veterinarian said that she has had to do surgery on many pets
to remove fishing line and hooks from their stomachs.

Twenty-four states and 6 countries have monofilament fishing line recovery
and recycling programs, but Washington State does not, even with our miles
and miles of waterways.

Last year Senator Mark Mullet (my state senator) introduced legislation in
Olympia to start a pilot program for fishing line recovery and recycling.
Unfortunately the bill died in committee. However, it will be reintroduced
again in the next legislative session. Support for the bill will be needed
when it goes to committee. I will let everyone know the bill number when it
gets assigned.

Our wildlife and pets should not have to suffer and die because of
improperly discarded fishing line.

Diane Weinstein

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Hi all!

First time posting here, but long time follower.

I went and visited the Edmonds Snowy Owl on Wednesday the 26th. When I
sorted through my pictures, I noticed that there was something thin and dark
hanging from the left side of the owl's face, but I couldn't tell if it was
a feather or something else. I am concerned that maybe she snagged herself
on some fishing line. I am probably worrying about nothing, but with all
the people fishing off the pier, fishing line and hooks are always a
potential hazard for wildlife. Please let me know if any of you can
identify what the object was.

Also, I spent Thanksgiving in Issaquah, so I decided to stop by Lake Sam
boat launch to see if I could find the American White Pelican. I Didn't
arrive until about 4:15 pm and it was already getting pretty dark. My time
was short, so I just did a quick drive by in my car. I couldn't see any
sign of the bird, but it's possible that I needed to venture out on one of
the docks to get a better view of the lake.
If anyone sees it again let me know :-)

Thanks and hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving.


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