[Tweeters] Barn Owl north of Carnation

Hank hank.heiberg at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 22:26:46 PST 2014

Tonight Karen and I were coming home from Thanksgiving at our daughter's house in Kenmore when at 9:44 p.m. we saw a Barn Owl while driving east on Carnation Farm Road between the bridge that crosses the Snoqualmie River and highway 203. We had an incredible look at the owl because it flew parallel to our car on the south side of the road. I slowed and it continued to fly parallel to the car. Then it flew down the road in front of us. Then it resumed flying parallel to the car. Eventually it dropped into a field on the south side of the road just east of the horse track. I stopped the car since we were all alone out there, but that was the last that we saw of the owl. We were on this road because the valley is flooded so our normal route home is closed and because the bridge across the Snoqualmie River on Carnation Farm Road is finally open after being closed for a couple of months for painting. Incidentally Sikes Lake has been totally covered by flood waters so in a sense Sikes Lake covers the entire valley.

Hank Heiberg
Lake Joy
Carnation, WA

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