[Tweeters] Hawk owl

Bob bobs at world-wide.com
Wed Nov 26 17:38:49 PST 2014

Hello Devon and other Tweeters,

My wife Laurie and I will be driving from Bothell to Brewster early tomorrow morning in search of the Northern Hawk Owl and any other birds we might happen upon.

I am not sure of our exact arrival time or length of stay, or whether we might swing back through Brewster on Friday or even Saturday.

However I would be very interested in trading cell phone numbers with anyone else who might consider chasing this owl or other birds in the area.

Please write me off list if you are interested.

Also I will have my FRS radio on and try to reach any other birders in the area on ABA suggested channel 11 - privacy channel 22 on the chance I find something noteworthy.

Finally I plan to do some research this evening but does anyone have any suggestions for other spots or known birds nearby?

Thank you and good birding.

Bob and Laurie Schmidt

Bothell WA

Bobs at world hyphen wide dot com

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