[Tweeters] Swans on the Snohomish flats

stan willey steamboatwilleys at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 26 14:14:17 PST 2014

1200-1330, a flock of about 1000 swans just south of Marsh Rd, W of intersection with Hwy 9 S of Snohomish.  Looked like trumpeters to me but I am not a swan expert.  No yellow lores noted.  I parked in the lot of the driving range; when I walked up with my binos and camera the nice young woman said, "You're not here to golf."  Perfectly OK to park there but I guess it's only polite to check.  One swan I photoed had a yellow neck band.  "M 30" was all I could read and I don't have time to check all my photos until later.Also, in the SE corner of the flats a flock of about I bazillion snow geese. A few Canadas and a Ross or 2 mixed in.   Strangely, very few dark morph.  Best accessed from Springhetti Rd, about 1/4 mile east of intersection of Hwy 9 and Broadway, south of above noted location.  They were right next to Springhetti Rd, plenty of room to pull off and they didn't mind me inside my white Ford until something set them off and about 1/3 of them took to the air.  Wow, I love that!Stanwww.stanwilley.ifp3.com

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