[Tweeters] A Snow(y) BIG DAY Quintuplet Really Was a Possibility

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Wed Nov 26 12:28:24 PST 2014

After the surprising find of a flock of Snow
Buntings in Lummi Land, I drove back home with a
stop at Wylie Slough where hundreds of Snow Geese
flew overhead and then concluded with a brief
visit to the Edmonds waterfront where the Snowy
Owl was holding court. Later the thought occurred
to me that with a LOT of planning and even more
LUCK, it actually would have been possible to have
a Snow(y) Quintuplet and see those three "snow"
species plus Snowy Plover by continuing south to
Grayland and then the Snowy Egret that has been a
regular at Post Office Lake down near Vancouver.
Granted that does not include the Himalayan
Snowcock (which has always seemed a stretch to me
despite the ABA inclusion), but without it I thin
those are all of the "snow species" possible. I
am sure that all of those species have been seen
at one time or another in Oregon and California
but I wonder if they have ever been present and at
least possibly viewable in a single day in any
other state.

That got me to thinking about other
interesting/fun combinations of groups of birds.
One for sure is that Denny had all four
Zonotrichia sparrows on his feeder at the same
time in Sequim earlier this year (I missed the
White Throated but did see White Crowned, Golden
Crowned and Harris's at the same time there). We
wondered if that had happened elsewhere.

What other interesting and possibly unique combo's
in Washington come to mind...

Blair Bernson

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