[Tweeters] Need hummingbird ID help

joanna at isomedia.com joanna at isomedia.com
Wed Nov 26 09:45:53 PST 2014


I was directed to this list by someone from birdweb.org after I emailed
about a possible Black-chinned hummingbird at my feeder. I'm about 15
miles NE of Bellingham, near Everson, WA in a rural area with berry farms,
gravel pits, pasture, scrub woods, and a few houses.

I'm trying to get some clear pictures, but he is very spooky. Last winter
we noticed our first over-wintering hummers after getting buzzed in
January. We rushed to get the feeder out, but didn't really try to ID the
birds, assuming they were Anna's.

This year we kept the feeders going after most of the hummers left for the
year, and noticed 2 males and 1 female stayed. One male is very much an
Anna's, as I got a view from about 1 foot from my face as he flashed me
while I was replacing a feeder. The female I assumed was an Anna's, but
after trying to ID the other male, I'm not sure. I don't notice any
obvious color spots on her throat, just pale grey.

The other male looks like a Black-chinned. Much darker head & throat with
a clear delineation between gorget and breast colors. He isn't as bold as
the Anna's, but I noticed the wing tips are as long as the tail when he
settled enough to feed.

I don't have the fastest camera, and have to try for pictures through my
open kitchen window. He spooks when he hears the camera fire up, since the
feeders are hanging from the edge of my back porch roof, just about 6 feet
from the window.

Any tips on taking better pictures, or ways to definitively ID him?


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