[Tweeters] Birding the Lummi Flats

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One of the problems may be that the “Lummi Aquaculture Dike” is shown as a hotspot in eBird, even though there are no checklists shown from that locality. Since hotspots are almost always locations accessible to the public, this may lead some birders to believe that the aquaculture dike is open to the public, which it is not.

I would strongly recommend to the Hotspot Editor for the area that this locality be removed as a hotspot, which should be easy to do as there are no data from there.

Wayne C. Weber

Delta, BC

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There have been several recent reports of a Yellow-billed Loon seen from the base of the aquaculture dike on the Lummi Reservation – the “Lummi Flats”. This is private-tribal land and birding off paved roads is allowed only with a “Letter of Permission” which can be obtained during office hours from the Lummi Planning Department located in the new tribal headquarters on the south side of Kwina Road east of Haxton Way.

Entry onto the “aquaculture dike” is explicitly prohibited even to bearers of a Letter of Permission. The aquaculture dike is the dike that goes out into Lummi Bay from the gravel portion of Kwina Road which extends westward from the intersection of Kwina and Hillaire Roads. Pavement ends at that intersection.

Years ago birders had much less constrained access to this area. That ended due to the selfish actions of one person. Even further restrictions could result from unauthorized entry into this area by birders. Several times in the near past this has been mentioned on Tweeters. The tribe has requested that the revision of A Birder’s Guide to Washington explicitly state that the Lummi Flats off paved roads is a restricted area and the aquaculture dike is totally off limits.

Jim Duemmel

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