[Tweeters] Re: Photos and Video of Edmonds SNOWY OWL

rohan kamath rohankamath88 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 08:08:12 PST 2014

Reposting because earlier links got messed up

> Hi Guys,

> Here are my images and a short video of the SNOWY OWL at Edmonds from 23rd

> Nov, 2014.


> We were very fortunate to first spot her small white head from the fishing

> pier in the scope, then head over to the boat parking for better views and

> run into Rob and Kelly who were the nicest people on the planet and agreed

> to take us out on their boat so that we could get a closer look at the owl.

> The Snowy has been the #1 bird on my wish-list for over a decade. And now

> finally I got to see her.


> Hope you enjoy the photos and the video. Do notice how she looks up at the

> plane flying over-head and the ferry coming in.


> Cheers.


> Photos:




> http://goo.gl/4D8ZiX

> http://goo.gl/KrDUYE

> http://goo.gl/D6Drbv


> Video:

> http://youtu.be/cpkxLx0d8ck


> -Regards,

> Rohan Kamath

> Software Development Engineer

> Amazon.com, Seattle, WA.

> ___________________________________________________

> Conservation begins at HOME... We CAN make a difference...





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