[Tweeters] CBC's in North Central Washington

Teri J Pieper tjpieper at gmail.com
Sun Nov 23 18:41:35 PST 2014

NCW Audubon has six CBC’s in its territory.

The Twisp CBC is December 14. Juliet Rhodes is the contact person. rhodesj99
at gmail.com. The tentative meeting spot is Cinnamon Twisp Bakery, 116 North
Glover Street in Twisp at 6:30 am, with registration at 7 am. A potluck will

The Bridgeport CBC is December 20. Meredith Spencer is the contact person.
merdave at homenetnw.net. Meet at the Brewster McDonald’s on Highway 97 at
7:00 am. At potluck dinner will be held at the WDFW building on Moe Road
near Bridgeport.

The Leavenworth CBC is December 21. Gretchen Rohde is the contact. design at

The Chelan CBC is December 27. Steve Easley is the contact person. seasley
at nwi.net. Meet at 7 am at the Apple Cup Café in Chelan. Regroup at 4:30 pm
at the Chelan Methodist Church on Johnson Avenue (kitty corner from the Post
Office). There will be soup and salad while the counts are tallied.

The Wenatchee CBC is January 3. Dan Stephens is the contact. dstephens at

The Okanogan CBC is January 3. Heather Findlay is the contact person.
heather at eaglesun.net.

Lots to choose from! Happy counting.



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