[Tweeters] Perplexing Pelagics-Seattle

Paul Randall paul.ecclesia at gmail.com
Sun Nov 23 13:36:06 PST 2014

After my post the other day about a Seattle shearwater, I got a couple responses which led me to believe that the bird I saw was really unusual and way out of range. So I do not feel comfortable making an ID. I am disappointed that I did not have the presence of mind to take a pic with my phone when it was just outside the window where I was sitting.

This morning, my last in Seattle, I took a walk in the rain along the waterfront, composing this email in my head--when I saw another one! Same one? Maybe. This time I was at Myrtle Edwards Park, about 1/4 mi from the hotel where I saw the first one. I got a better view with binoculars for about 30 secs before it flew. This one did not dive, but I saw it pretty well and then quickly consulted my Sibley when it flew. I'm pretty sure it was a Pink-footed Shearwater. I clearly saw a light bill and light on the sides as it bobbed in the waves. Then clear whitish underneath as it flew away to the south. I am not familiar with the flight of Pelagics, but this one seemed labored. It looked like it took 3 attempts to get off the water. My excuse for no pic this time is the distance (10yds offshore, maybe 20yds from me), rain & bobbing waves. I don't think my iPhone would have gotten anything helpful.

I'd love any comments from those who know the area better than me.
Grateful for the birding community,
Paul Randall
Houston, TX
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