[Tweeters] solitaire continues in Seattle

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Sat Nov 22 20:53:52 PST 2014

Hello, all,

The Townsend's Solitaire reported in an ebird checklist yesterday at
Martha Washington Park in Seattle was still there this evening around
4:15. ("Evening" because the sun was setting.) The flock of a couple
dozen robins was just west of the park on Holly St., and the solitaire
was there, too, though not foraging on the ground with the robins. I
didn't see it go to roost with the robins (in tall thick rhododendrons),
but it did disappear quietly. You may wish to know before visiting that
the park, though with at least two signs threatening $500 fines, is
apparently used mostly as an off-leash dog area.

22 Nov., 2014,

Alan Grenon
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