D Richardson d.lrichardson at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 21 20:12:51 PST 2014

The TUNDRA BEAN GOOSE flew into the Nestuuca NWR this morning Friday 11/21, about 8:00 AM. I located it grazing in the field below the covered overlook at the refuge which is on hwy 101 about 6 miles south of Pacific City, OR. Drive into the refuge and wind up the short way to the top where there is a parking lot and viewing point. Through the rain and wind I scoped the 400 + Canada and Cackling Geese and there it was about 100 yards from the entrance road, bright orange legs, dark head, a bill that is dark at the base, orange in the middle and dark at the tip. Except that it lacks the white at the bill base its body coloration is quite like the White-fronted Goose.  The white flank line seemed more noticeable as well as the white under the rump.  The leucistic goose was also nearby.  I initially thought it was a swan signet, its entire body white and head and neck gray. But I saw the white chin patch and realized it was a Canada/Cackler goose. I think it a Cackler but I wonder if it is truly leucistic or instead a Cackler hybrid/white domestic cross?
Good luck, Dave Richardson

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