[Tweeters] N Hawk Owl - Brewster

Terry Little terry at crossoverchurch.info
Fri Nov 21 18:36:41 PST 2014


I must confess I have a weakness for N Hawk Owls.So I made the trek to
Brewster today to see one of my favorite birds. Along the way, there were a
few nice birds as well.

At Steamboat Rock on Banks Lake was a flock of 26 RED BREASTED MERGANSERS
mixed in with the larger flocks of Common and Hooded Mergansers. A gorgeous
GOLDEN EAGLE circled overhead.

I arrived in the Hawk Owl area a little after noon and quickly found a
Merlin perched on a pole. After making a few loops around N Star and
Blossom Rds, I ran into Barry McKenzie from Oregon. Just a few minutes
later, the owl showed up on a power pole in front of one of the houses on
Blossom Rd. We got great looks through the snow and even heard the owl
vocalize a few times, a first for me. Soon, our friend flew to a tree
behind the house and hung out there for nearly 45 minutes. Sometimes, it
could be pretty hidden in the tree.

A few minutes later, Michael Hobbs showed up and we continued to watch the
owl in the same tree behind the house. It was attacked three times by a
Northern Shrike. After Michael left, the snow picked up and the owl
relocated to the orchard across the road and hunted from pole to pole till
I left at 2pm. Got to watch the N Hawk Owl for nearly an hour and a half.

On my way home, a Prairie Falcon flew across the highway near Creston. At
dusk, there were 5 Great Horned Owls and one Short eared Owl between
Davenport and Reardan.

So, two eagles, a harrier, 2 buteos, 3 owls, and 3 falcons. Fun day.

Terry Little
Mead, Wa

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