[Tweeters] Brewster N. Hawk Owl

merdave at homenetnw.net merdave at homenetnw.net
Thu Nov 20 09:18:40 PST 2014

It sounds like the owl might be getting some visitors in the next few
days. Yes, I saw it again yesterday at 2:00 p.m. On Tues. it was seen,
in the afternoon, by 5 people. Both days it was seen from Blossom Lane.
It was in the maple tree in the yard of the first house on the left, when
you drive from old hwy. 97 onto Blossom Lane (going west; not east) on
Tues. Yesterday it was on a pole in the orchard across the street from
that home. It took me almost 40 min. of driving around looking before I
saw the bird yesterday. Lots of luck. It is a beautiful bird, and we
think maybe a little darker in color than some. Meredith Spencer,

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