[Tweeters] RE: Bean Goose & Brown Booby plus Snow Bunting

Russ Namitz namitzr at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 17 23:01:13 PST 2014

An interesting phenomenon that I've observed on several lists is that people post their sightings of out-of-state birds to their home state listserv. It is probably because that is where they feel most comfortable posting and perhaps are not subscribed to the visited state's listserv.
A simple suggestion is to ask if anyone that is subscribed to the (insert state) listserv to forward their message. Another is to quickly browse the state listserv, glean the email of a frequent poster and send them a message requesting they forward your bird sightings to the appropriate listserv. We on that state's listserv would appreciate it.....especially when we are chasing birds around the state for a Big Year and an out-of-state birder finds something rare and tasty.
Thanks so much,Russ Namitz,Medford, OR

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