[Tweeters] Cle Elum swan

Martha Jordan martha.jordan at outlook.com
Sat Nov 15 20:24:15 PST 2014

A beautiful day to cross over the pass for a meeting in Ellensburg. I looked
for swans in the ponds around Cle Elum but most were frozen solid and the
birds reported a few days ago were gone.
On the way home I did spot a single swan in the large wetland just north
of I-90 that is best viewed from the off ramp.
I am pleased to report it is a Trumpeter Swan adult (no color on legs so
over 4 years old). I am excited for this find as this is one of the Rocky
Mountain Population birds moving through the area.

Has anyone out there seen a confirmed Trumpeter in these ponds this year?

Also note that the swan is shaking its' head a lot and likely is not feeling
well. It is alone and as a breeding age adult, this is a red flag that it
likely is not well. The weather is very cold and ice will soon take over
the entire lake. If anyone is going that way for birding or other business
and can take a look to see if the swan is still there please let me know the
status. The bird can only be seen when travelling west bound and in the big
wetland just east of the east Cle Elum exit on the north side of the
freeway. If it dies it would be good to retrieve it to find out what may
have caused it to become ill during migration.

Meanwhile, we are seeing power line mortality in Snohomish county. This past
week 2 juveniles were killed near the Monroe Honor Farm. If you do find
dead, injured or sick swans please call me immediately so we can pick them
up. WDFW is continuing to monitor the health of the population via

Thanks. Happy birding and stay warm.

Martha Jordan
cell 206-713-3684
Everett, WA

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