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Thanks Mike. What you provide is what I knew except it is nice having the dates. Also I do know the banding of the birds on Miller Sand Island had occurred but it is my understanding this is not currently happening?

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> On Nov 14, 2014, at 15:27, Mike Patterson <celata at pacifier.com> wrote:


> dusky geese and presumed western-dusky hybrids that breed around Willapa

> Bay, Washington and on islands near the mouth of the Columbia River.

> These geese are not Alaska-breeding birds that are the object of the

> dusky harvest quota system. They are descendents of a captive breeding

> program initiated by Willapa NWR in 1958, when 40 dusky goslings were

> relocated from the Copper River Delta to a pen near the refuge

> headquarters (Welch, pers. comm.). This flock grew to about 400 by the

> mid-1970s, when the pen and nearby nest structures were dismantled [and the birds were released into the wild].

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> Although recent estimates of flock size are not available, each year on

> Miller Sands Island in Oregon approximately 40 nests of dark Canadas are

> recorded. Since 1999, approximately 1,200 dark Canadas have been banded

> and collared on Miller Sands Island. In effect, harvest of unmarked

> “wuskys” are tallied as dusky geese at check stations and counted toward

> unit closure thresholds. Continued marking of this small population

> would reduce the unintended inclusion of these birds in permit zone

> harvest quotas for dusky geese."


> http://www.surfbirds.com/community-blogs/wp-content/uploads/bghst/m/mbalame/34266.jpg


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