[Tweeters] Acorn Woodpecker at Cottage Lake, Woodinville, WA 11-14-14

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Fri Nov 14 11:44:53 PST 2014

My first Tweeters post! I live nearby and just left. It was still there, in the large tree between the lake and playground. This morning I was lusting after Ollie's Acorn Woodpecker. When I pulled into the small parking lot at the edge of Cottage Lake, a Crow chased a black bird with white wing patches past me to the east. I immediately thought Acorn Woodpecker. But I figured it was just the power of suggestion. Here's a pic on flickr:

Acorn Woodpecker, Cottage Lake, WA 11-14-14

Acorn Woodpecker, Cottage Lake, WA 11-14-14
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