[Tweeters] Fw: Swans

Martha Jordan martha.jordan at outlook.com
Thu Nov 13 22:11:18 PST 2014

The weather has driven all waterfowl south and swans, both Trumpeter and Tundra, are arriving in good numbers over the past few days.

Once again WDFW is tracking injuries and mortalities that happen to swans in a wide geographic area, especially Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish, King and Island counties. If you see a sick, injured or dead swan please take the time to note the exact location of the bird and then make a call to report the downed swan. It will be appreciated if you phone the information in as emails are often not read for many hours or at the end of the day.

Power line strikes are a common cause of death for swans. If you see a swan under a power line or near by please write down the pole number (tag is on pole). This helps for us to get the power company out to mark the lines to prevent further collisions. Good for the birds and good for power customers.

Due to budget restrictions within WDFW, during the month of November, WDFW has asked me: 425-787-0258 or my cell 206-713-3684, and Mel Walters of Puget Sound Energy: 425-785-4963 to handle the calls for picking up the swans and handling your calls. You can also send me a text to my cell phone.

A swan hotline will once again be available but not until December 1.

And as always, if you see a collared swan and are able to read all or any part of the code, please report these sightings to me as well. Note the collar color. Both Trumpeter and Tundra swans have been collared.

If you have any questions or want additional information please feel free to contact me via phone, text or email.

Keep warm.

Martha Jordan
Washington Swan Stewards
Everett, WA

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