[Tweeters] Request for documentation for the recent rarities

Matt Bartels mattxyz at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 13 18:27:48 PST 2014

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A request for help from the WBRC:

In the past month, I believe we've had over 20 'review list' species or subspecies reported in the state. These are reports of species rare enough in Washington to merit detailed documentation and review by the Washington Bird Records Committee. In general, I try to track down all reports of these birds and request photos, etc. from observers. But with so many being seen, I'm likely not able to track down all of you to ask for what you've seen.

If you'd like to help us document the rare birds of Washington, please send along write-ups and photos as you are able. Though I collect all eBird reports and Tweeters postings for the archives, to receive 'credit' for reporting a bird, you need have submitted observations directly. In other words, you don't need to wait for me to ask to send in your info!

Write-ups: Obviously, most everything reported has fortunately been well-photographed, and those are going to perform much of the heavy lifting in providing evidence of these sightings. However, I feel that written descriptions can still be useful, in particular in providing the context of the sightings and helping build a more complete account of what was being seen. To submit a report, you can use the form on the WOS website at: http://wos.org/observation_exported/observation.php -- use it directly, or as a template for your own version of a write-up that you email directly. We don't need every observer to submit these given the mass of photos out there -- but if you've got details to include, by all means send them along.

Photos: If you have a flickr or some other site that allows 3rd party downloading, you can just point me in that direction --send me a note w/ a link to your online site, and tell me which birds to look for on the site. If you don't have them posted on line, then feel free to send the photos along. We don't need absolutely every photo for these birds since we are likely to have a lot of documentation -- but I'd love to have clear shots in a variety of poses.

I'm just glad we don't still collect reports for Tropical Kingbirds [or Rose-breasted Grosbeaks] or I'd have another pile to beg for write-ups on!

In addition to the review list species, a number of unusual non-review birds have also come through in this wave -- details on those are also great to get -- you can use the same method above, or send them directly to Brad Waggoner or Ryan Merrill for inclusion in the Field Notes write-ups of North American birds.

Thanks, and here's to more surprises!

Matt Bartels
Secretary, WBRC
Seattle, WA

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