[Tweeters] Neah Bay

Len Jellicoe jellicoes at shaw.ca
Mon Nov 10 19:42:57 PST 2014


> From: Len Jellicoe <jellicoes at shaw.ca>

> Subject: Neah Bay

> Date: November 10, 2014 at 7:12:06 PM PST

> To: Tweeters <tweeter at u.washington.edu>


> My wife, Dian and I just returned from a few days at Neah Bay. The weather was perfect and the birds were great. We missed the Hobby but other birds made up for it. To see a complete rundown with pictures check out our blog;

> http://lenanddiansadventures.blogspot.ca

> See you in the field

> Len Jellicoe

> Abbotsford, BC




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