[Tweeters] Ellensburg Hummingbird Photos

Jeff Kozma jcr_5105 at charter.net
Mon Nov 10 16:47:01 PST 2014

Looks like an immature male Anna’s to me. It is much to gray on the sides and belly to be a Ruby-throated and the tail is rounded like an Anna’s.

Jeff Kozma


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Dear Tweeters,

A friend was able to photograph the Hummingbird around noon today from the bike path north of E. Greenfield Rd in Ellensburg. The photos are posted here.


The gorget coloring is in the shadows, but is bright red. Vocalizations are inconsistent Anna's Hummingbird and my best guess at identification is Ruby-throated based on the photos and my description posted earlier. Comments on the ID are appreciated.


Walter Szeliga

Ellensburg, WA

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