[Tweeters] Mountain Chickadee in Duvall, WA

Marc Hoffman tweeters at dartfrogmedia.com
Mon Nov 10 11:31:34 PST 2014

Dear Tweets:

I didn't give much thought to posting our GPS coordinates in this
report. Now I feel just a twinge of concern about our privacy and
about not spooking birds in our yard.

Tina Blade and I kindly request that if you want to try for a look at
this bird, you please respect our privacy and do your viewing from
the street. From NE Ring Street in Duvall, 50 feet west of Broadway
Ave. NE, you will be within 50 feet of our feeders and should get
good views with binoculars. If the bird is here, you'll see it from
the street without difficulty.

Thanks for practicing good birding etiquette :)

Marc Hoffman

At 11:14 AM 11/10/2014, Marc Hoffman wrote:

>We've been seeing a MOUNTAIN CHICKADEE in our yard on and off since

>Oct. 31. Only one as far as we can tell. It likes to hang out at our



>Our GPS location is 47.739205, -121.982009


>eBird's closest sighting was by John Tubbs in Snoqualmie in April

>2009, some 20 miles away. eBird designates this species as Rare.


>Can anyone update me on the rarity of this species for this vicinity

>(Snoqualmie Valley)?


>ID photo here:



>Marc Hoffman

>Duvall, WA


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