[Tweeters] Snowy egret Vancouver lowlands, Clark County WA

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Sun Nov 9 14:40:00 PST 2014

I watched the SNOWY EGRET off and on for about 25 minutes, when a Great Egret came close enough to get both birds in a magnified camera view through the scope. It was a bit farther than the Cattle Egret a week ago at the “Hobby Lobby” spot at Neah Bay; unfortunately my digiscoping camera wasn’t very effective with dimming light through the scope and rain starting to fall. But worse was all of the birds on Post Office Lake repositioned while I was getting my camera ready, and all of the egrets disappeared. Don’t know which way they went. This is likely the same SNEG that I saw 4 weeks ago a mile north, so it may just require patience and persistence. A reminder that the barricade at the parking lot will let you walk another 200 yards downstream on the old road bed, but where it drops into the river is where you have to stop or you trespass into a closed area of Ridgefield NWR. Also from the parking lot were 60+ Western Meadowlarks, a few Canvasbacks, a few thousand wigeon, and a Sharp-shinned Hawk. A Merlin flew by closer to Vancouver Lake.

After the rain picked up I headed upstream to the Vancouver waterfront off Columbia Way. The Marine Park had a Red-necked Grebe and both goldeneyes. At Wintler Park were 2 or 3 Common Loons, a Pacific Loon downstream about even with the Water Resources Education Center, and a male Surf Scoter out from the parking lot.

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There is a Snowy Egret at Post Office Lake now 10am. End of Lower River Road, visible from the parking lot. My camera is sitting at home so somebody bring one.
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