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David and I just finished a 5-day sweep through parts of E WA in order to get away from the remodel occurring in the unit above us and to beef up some of our more meager county lists. Sorry this is late, and probably mostly for the benefit of county compilers, but I haven’t yet organized myself to post from the field. Here are some of the “good” birds, by county:

Chelan Co. on 11/3/14: a few Dunlin (Code 5) from the north end of Walla Walla Point Co. Pk. in Wenatchee, hanging with a dozen Killdeer on a mudflat. The lake is super low this year. 3 Bonaparte Gulls (Code 3) on the same mudflat. Up north, a female Red-breasted Merganser (Code 4) at the water’s edge in Chelan State Park. We had never been there before, but it looks full of potential. The park was being shut down for the winter, but the ranger was very relaxed about walking visitors, saying it is up to the individual manager of each park as to whether it is ok for pedestrian use during winter closures. We also White-headed WP there—“only” a Code 2, but the ranger reports they are frequent, especially in spring, and “not shy,” which we found to be true. We stayed at Campbell’s for the first time, which was great. Interestingly, there was nothing but Mallards on the water late that afternoon, but the next a.m., the lake was loaded with a good variety of waterfowl. This must have been their check-in date!

11/4/14: a female Harlequin Duck (Code 3) with several Common Mergansers from the bridge before entering Chelan Falls Park in Chelan.

Douglas Co. On 11/4 on our way out of Chelan, our low-flying Code 2 Barrow’s Goldeneyes became Code 3s in Douglas! We had one Bonaparte’s Gull (Code 3) mixed in with hundreds of waterfowl from the Group Camping Area at Daroga State Pk.

Adams Co. On 11/5, following up on earlier posts from Jon Isacoff we headed for Sprague Lake (via Cow Lake, where we picked up Dunlin) and saw what were probably his WW Scoters (Code 4)--a pair. Also, a Common Loon (Code 3), one GW Gull (Code 4), and Hooded Merganser (Code 3)
We had been there the previous night and the ridiculous wind made the water so choppy, we could hardly see anything but coots and geese. The next day was a beauty, though.

Whitman Co. 11/5 We had several new waterfowl on Sheep Lake, including (Code 3) Tundra Swans, plus a small flock of beautiful Bonaparte’s Gulls (Code 4)

Asotin Co. Late that afternoon, 11/5, we made it to Clarkston, where we picked up a few waterfowl at the north end of Swallows Park, nothing more dramatic, though, than Code 3 Lesser Scaup.

Idaho 11/6 We spent most of the next day in Lewiston, working on our New Plan of 50/50—fifty birds in every state! Our 50th was a Lesser Goldfinch along the dike.

Columbia Co. 11/6 Zip, almost. Our only new bird was a Code 2 Bald Eagle at Little Goose. The sunset that night was the most beautiful I’ve ever seen with colors from fire red, to soft lavender to gold. Did any other Palouse birder see that? The next a.m. 11/7, I had a Code 3 Lincoln’s Sparrow at Lewis and Clark Trail SP (closed for winter, but we walked in) that David missed. He remarked that now that Tom Mansfield is done with his 200 in all 39, we need to hire him to take us around this frustrating county!! (Just kidding, Tom, but we can’t even find some of the “simple” ducks!)

Walla Walla Co. 11/7 On the way home we stopped at McNary WLR, where we picked up a few new waterfowl, including a Code 3 Eurasian Wigeon.

Now for the Avisys input...
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