[Tweeters] More Pine Grosbeaks

Jeff Kozma jcr_5105 at charter.net
Fri Nov 7 19:31:50 PST 2014

Hi Tweets,

I was out working in the Wenas (Yakima County) again today and I counted 19
Pine Grosbeaks in the Wenas (Audubon) Campground. A flock of 12 flew low
over the pines heading up to the hill along the Hog Ranch Road. I then
found 7 more foraging in the ponderosa pine trees.again actively eating
dwarf mistletoe berries. There were also quite a few birds calling near the
campground along the creek but I didn't have time to find and count them.
Thus, 19 is probably a conservative estimate of numbers. At one point I was
directly below a tree with 2 birds feeding on berries right above me. It
was great to get such views and the birds were completely unperturbed!
There were also 2 White-headed Woodpeckers foraging in the same area in the

There was also a report of 4 Pine Grosbeaks in southern Yakima County near
Grandview by Eric Heisey. Seems like this could be a good year for this
species to be moving to the lowlands on the eastside. Only time will tell.

Jeff Kozma


J c r underscore 5105 at charter dot net

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