[Tweeters] Re Pine grosbeak, Larch Mt., Clark Co, WA

Bob rflores_2 at msn.com
Fri Nov 7 15:26:27 PST 2014

Had a couple of inquiries so some better information is needed. There is a crossroad less that two miles southeast of the Larch Mt Correctional Center. At that cross rd you want to go east or up hill. The rd shows a L1500 on my map but also NE Rawson Micro Rd. Take it to a white gate and walk through that gate on the road you will find a sign alerting of a new bike trail the pine grosbeaks were seen about 50-100 yds from that sign on the road. Also this is a great place to hear sooty grouse I had two today.

Bob Flores
Ridgefield, WA

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