[Tweeters] Best yard bird ever - Pygmy Nuthatch, Camas, Clark County

Rob Conway robin_birder at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 7 14:16:07 PST 2014

At about noon the sun was shining through and clearing out the dense fog. I had a large number of birds coming in to feed so I set up my little chair on the deck to watch. About 50' away I noticed a small brown bird moving up and down a big fir and then a maple - I assumed this was a Brown Creeper but when I got my optics on it I was shocked to see that the bird was a Pygmy Nuthatch. I had good long looks. Small bird with a gray to brown cap to eyeline where a thin black line separated the cap from a dirty white breast, entirely gray back with a single small white spot on the back of the neck. Vocalized with both the distinctive repeated peep note and the squeaky weevee. The bird flew off up the bluff after about 45 minutes.
I have seen this bird many times in the dry pine forests of Central California and along the Central California coast near Monterey. Just having the bird here was so unexpected.

Rob Conway
Camas, WA
45.58°N 122.44°W - elevation 310 ft.
robin_birder at hotmail.com

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