[Tweeters] More (Way More) on Neah Bay

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Thu Nov 6 17:59:28 PST 2014

I am now back (safely) from Neah Bay and since I
have been contacted by several people who are
thinking of making the trek (and others may be as
well), I wanted to add some information - some
precautionary and some details.

The weather today was truly awful - and was
getting worse as I left (around 1:30). Very heavy
winds and rain with gusts expected to be in the 45
mph range. The rains changed directions at times
making it impossible to avoid them in your face.
Birds were generally hunkered down to be out of
the elements leaving only us stupid humans to get
soaked. Power was still out when I left and had
been out for a couple of hours at least. Also on
the way home trees were down on the road -
avoidable as they blocked only one lane or less,
but I was concerned that more might happen (or
that the swollen rivers might flood) and even with
the good birds I did not want to be stuck in Neah
Bay. The weather is supposed to improve but you
may want to check before heading out. (Storm
surge made for very high tides as well and I
believe there is a full or near full moon which
will keep tides up.)

Now about the birds:
Orioles -- Both Bullocks and Orchard orioles
continued to come to the feeder at 590 Bayview (as
did an Anna's Hummer) - not as frequently as
before and fairly short stays, but they are there.

Cattle Egret -- readily found at the Transfer
Station. Specifics for those who have asked: The
Transfer station is on the road out of town
heading to Cape Flattery (less than 2 miles I
believe). It is directly across from the sewage
treatment plant. Turn onto the road between the
two. I parked right next to the Transfer Station
Gate and walked in. Access is theoretically
limited but does not seem to be an issue. The
Egret is somewhere within the fenced in area -
possibly immediately visible on the grass, but if
not then walk in further around to the right/back
and you will likely find it there as I did. It
then flushed and flew to the grassy area near the
entrance. It was photogenic and cooperative.

Hobby -- has not been seen despite many looking
for at least 4 and maybe 5 days. Note however
that sightings have been better in good weather.

Tropical Kingbirds - not seen today but some were
seen Wednesday.

Palm Warblers -- there have been several in town
in the residential area near the Oriole Feeders.
I had one hunkered down today at Blue Jay and
2nd. Weather was probably a limiting factor.

Brambling -- was not seen yesterday or today.
Same comment on weather.

Sparrows - Clay Colored was not seen yesterday or
today (ditto re weather). I do not have any info
on Vesper or Swamp sparrows which have been seen
(not by me).

Pygmy Owls -- I was hoping to try for them today
but with the wind and rain I felt it unlikely
(would not have heard call from distance.)

Pine Grosbeaks - none seen today. Were seen in
town yesterday I believe.

Other warblers -- I did not try for any today
given the weather HOWEVER Brad Waggoner had a very
special warbler today (I accompanied him back to
the location and had confirming positive calls :-)
) and the details are for him to provide when he
gets email access. He is staying in Neah Bay
tonight so who knows what will come out tomorrow.
Stay tuned - it will be worth it.

Others - did not look for any gulls and with the
storm surge and high tide, there was no shore for

That's all folks. I have been to Neah Bay now
three times in days. Fabulous birds (all three of
my days were crappy weather) made it very
worthwhile, but not heading back soon...unless...

Blair Bernson

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