[Tweeters] Neah Bay on Monday, Nov. 3--No Eurasian Hobby; Yes Brambling and Tropical Kingbird

Marvin Hoekstra marvin.hoekstra at frontier.com
Mon Nov 3 21:04:15 PST 2014


After noting all the action last week when I was tied down with an
intractable schedule, I ignored today's weather forecast and headed for Neah
Bay. There seemed to be a total of five birders there--I birded with
Michael, who had driven in from the south tip of Texas. I arrived around
9:30 am--the rain was light at first, with even some brief sun, but a
continuous downpour started around noon. Before the heavy rain we had
multiple views of Tropical Kingbirds in the area where the stream flows into
the bay. The brief sun brought out the Brambling, snarfing seeds on the
patch of beach next to the Senior Center. The following birds were NOT
seen: Eurasian Hobby, Orioles of either species (the feeders were empty each
time I checked them out), Black-legged Kittiwakes, Slaty-backed Gull,
Clay-colored Sparrow, Harris Sparrow.

With two life birds (Brambling and Tropical Kingbird) and a few year birds I
haven't mentioned, it was worth the trip and soaking I got.

Marvin S Hoekstra

Sammamish, WA

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