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Mon Nov 3 17:04:58 PST 2014

Yesterday there was a Interesting Post about Hybrid Greater White Fronted Geese . And some interesting comments about Cackler Geese . Please forgive me, that this gives me a chance to Plug the Video Produced on Canada Geese Identification On You Tube
Attempting to separate the Various Forms of Canada Geese has Bedeviled me for Years still gets me spinning ! I just cannot retain the Details required to be a Good Bird Watcher I wish I could blame a checkered past and pharmaceutical Abuse But some of us are Just not made to retain stuff
So here it is there are about 7 [ see above ] sections in this training video that I believe are well done! It's important that Birders recognize, that at least there are Many various Types of Canada Geese and take the opportunity to counter the Desire of some People to go in there and Really whack the population down do to the Misunderstanding developed brought forth .By the unintended consequences of the Introduction of resident Geese Populations to supplement Hunting Opportunities ! These resident Geese that cause Problems with respect to Water Quality, Park damage, habitat damage and agricultural crop depredation Should not be LUMPED together with the Migratory Birds some of which [ Duskies ] are threatened Like all Grazing Geese even the wild ones have become problems for Local farmers and such ! But we as Naturalists should be able to counter the people that wish to Go After " Canada Geese " [Cull] without consideration for the Natural Diversity in the species

Canada Goose ID Part 1 of 7 - INTRODUCTION


The People of Oregon and Washington State should be Proud that their " Wildlife Managers " Have at least attempted to educate people on this subject Here in Canada Hunting Canada Geese is a Free for all with Little or No Attempt to educate Hobby Harvesters to Identify species Or conduct their hobby with ethics or responsibility

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