[Tweeters] GWF Goose hybrids ??? and/or family unit ???

Lyn Topinka pointers at pacifier.com
Sun Nov 2 21:05:53 PST 2014

hi all ... yesterday (saturday) at Marine Park (Columbia River just
east of Vancouver) there was a flock of rather small Cackling Geese,
with a few larger size Cacklers mixed in ... there were also these 3
much larger geese which hung at the edge of the group ... these three
stayed together and moved together and left together ...

one was a Canada (or large Cackler ???), one had the markings of a
Greater White-fronted, and the other appeared to be a hybrid ...

the GWFronted fellow appeared to be the "leader" ... he/she stood on
alert and it was the one which led the way and it was the one which
stood it's ground ... the Canada Goose was the least interested of
the trio and the hybrid guy continually followed the GWFronted guy ...

I'm just wondering if this could be a family unit ??? ...

I'm also wondering if the GWFronted bird was pure Greater-white
Fronted ... the head/neck just doesn't appear right to me ... too
long and slender ... I haven't seen alot of GWFronted but they always
appear more chunky necked and headed to me ...

here's some images ... any opinions would be appreciated ... I just
found this "family" very interesting ... thanks, Lyn

"Family" ...

"Family" ...

"Family", HEADS ...

GWFronted Bird ...

Hybrid bird ...

Lyn Topinka,

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