[Tweeters] Neah Bay 11/2/14 - No Hobby

Mike Blue miblu at uw.edu
Sun Nov 2 19:30:20 PST 2014

My wife and I left Renton at 0430 and arrived in Neah Bay at 0840. After
eating breakfast and buying our Recreation Pass we pulled into the park
across from the "oriole house" we immediately saw a *Tropical Kingbird*
in the brambles by the beach. A few minutes later I heard the rattle of
an oriole and the *Bullock's Oriole *landed in the same patch of
brambles. We waited a few more minutes but didn't see the Orchard
oriole. Proceeding down road to the senior center, we were able to
observe the *Brambling* eating seeds on a small bush on the beach from a
distance of about 10 yards. We didnt see the clay-colored sparrow. A
block south of this area we saw another Tropical Kingbird. Our next
stop was the quarry area where we observed the *Cattle Egret *in the
grass behind the transfer station. We spent the rest of the morning
looping between this area and the gravel road across the meadow from the
quarry, and never saw the Eurasian Hobby . We saw at least 2 *Swamp
sparrows* in the sedges about 1/4 mile from the beach end of the road.
Giving up we headed back to town to try again for the Orchard oriole and
found it feeding at one of the hummingbird feeders. At one point the
Bullock's was on one feeder and the *Orchard Oriole *on another allowing
us to see them both through our scope side by side. A pair of *Anna's
Hummingbirds* were also present. A single *Cliff Swallow* was flying
overhead for 15-20 minutes while were there continuing the streak of
unusual sightings this week.
Mike Blue

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