[Tweeters] Minding the Wind

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Sun Nov 2 17:02:23 PST 2014

Just got back to the ranch from Port Townsend's Marine Science Center, where it was dark and stormy.
As I walked out of the Marine Exhibit building on the pier, into a 20 mph wind, an adult Bald Eagle was soaring into the breeze, at just about a stand still, very low over the pier, and right in it's aura, a Raven followed. The Raven stayed so close around the Eagle that it probably could have given it a tap or two, but it didn't - it just soared very near the big Eagle for a bit, before following the wind off to the West. That was interesting - Ravens usually are..
Two big Glaucous-winged Gulls also soaring near the Eagle, got a bit snarky ,but mostly everybody was just minding the wind.
Just for the record, the Marine Exhibits (aquariums, etc), are open friday, sat, and sunday thru November. An aquarium freak from way back, I always like to see what they got going on in their tanks and pools. Some very interesting marine specimens in there. Plus they got a microscope where you can look at plankton and stuff - always interesting, at least to me.
If you get a annual membership to the center, it's reciprocal with the Burke Museum also, which is very nice.
Jeff Gibsonin Port Townsend Wa

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