[Tweeters] A request for Eurasian Hobby viewers

Russ Namitz namitzr at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 1 20:40:28 PDT 2014

First, my apologies for using the confusing 'old' name of Northern Hobby earlier.
Second, I would like to make a request of people that see the Eurasian Hobby to not be shy about posting. While it is nice to hear about state-level rarities as well, there are still many of us out there that haven't seen this bird and would enjoy hearing reports, even if they are from different times on the same day. It is a long drive to go look for this birds (and the state rarities) and frequent posts would help influence the decision-making process for at least some of us in the birding community.
Lastly, and perhaps I'm overstepping my bounds here, it seems appropriate to list the actual sightings of this mega rarity in ALL CAPITALS as this would help sift through posts that are merely discussing the behavior of the bird, making wordplay on "hobby" or other such posts. I understand nobody is under any obligation to report bird sightings and I appreciate those that do.
Russ NamitzMedford, OR

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