[Tweeters] Marymoor Park (Redmond, King Co.) 2014-05-29

Michael Hobbs birdmarymoor at frontier.com
Thu May 29 16:43:07 PDT 2014

Tweets – dark overcast, and a bit chilly and breezy this morning, but pretty birdy. No surprises really, but a fine May day.


Wood Duck Several clutches of ducklings
Mallard Ditto
Great Blue Heron A few young have fledged, others still on nests
Bald Eagle Appear to have fledged 2-3 young this year
Spotted Sandpiper One flew downstream from lake platform
Eur. Collared-Dove 1 or 2 flybys of single birds
Pac.-slope Flycatcher 1 along southwest edge of Dog Meadow
N. R.-winged Swallow 2-4, weir and lake
Or.-crowned Warbler 1 heard in Snag Row south of fields 7-8-9
Wh.-crowned Sparrow 1 fledged juvenile, 2 adults, Pea Patch
Lazuli Bunting 3+ males, female
Bullock’s Oriole Pair near heronry

The early birders saw bats, but no owls. There was a Beaver in the slough around 6:00 am., below the weir.

Misses for the day were Downy Woodpecker, Red-breasted Nuthatch (unless someone else heard one), and Wilson’s Warbler. No sign of the Western Kingbirds that were seen Monday in the East Meadow. And no Black Swifts, which we were hoping would make their first appearance of the year.

For the day, 65 species. With Monday’s Western Kingbirds, I believe our 2014 list is at 134.

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