[Tweeters] Unknown Bird (Kelso)

NIKKI sailorgirlinconecticut at yahoo.com
Thu May 29 10:42:54 PDT 2014

I was out watching my gold finches, and 1 small bird came in, dark grey on top, whitish belly.  this was the 1st one- I got a good look- as soon as I turned to take a picture it took off.  2nd bird behind me- (across the yard) ACTING FLYCATCHERISH.  LOOKED the very same as the first bird.  Fly from the branch to the ground, and back up again (Same type of behavior I seen watching Black Phoebe's in California).  The bird was finchish size, a little chunky.  Whatever they were, they were cute little things

among other birds- Rufus hummingbird, American Gold Finch and Black headed Grosbeaks, violet green swallows were seen.
Nikki Perkins
Kelso, WA

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