[Tweeters] Washington Offshore Hawaiian Petrel and More

Brad Waggoner wagtail at sounddsl.com
Tue May 27 22:26:13 PDT 2014

Hi all,

Here is a brief report from Paul Lehman on a few goodies on a ten day
cruise from San Francisco up to Alaska and back. Pelagic birding on
these cruise ships can yield a few goodies otherwise extremely difficult
to encounter on the traditional west coast one day pelagic trips. The
Hawaiian Petrel, given acceptance by the WBRC, will only be Washington's

Cheers and good birding,
Brad Waggoner
Bainbridge Island, Washington
mailto:wagtail24 at gmail.com

On 25 May we were sailing WAAAY offshore on our Princess cruise ship
from off Newport, Oregon to southern BC waters (as defined by the EEZ
line) sw of Tofino, from between 225-275 km offshore. Birdlife this far
offshore in 2014 (and in other years) has been pretty lean! We saw a
total of 212 individual birds all day, between 5:40AM and 7:45PM--with
constant coverage--and 139 of those birds were Leach's Storm-Petrels!
But this limited list also included:

Hawaiian Petrel: 237 km W of Lincoln City (45.118, 127.037)

Hawaiian Petrel: 274 km W of Long Beach (46.449, 127.622)

Laysan Albatross: 263 km WSW of La Push (47.168-169, 127.950-948)
Murphy's Petrel (photo'd): 261 km WSW of La Push or 260 km SW of
Tofino (47.226-228, 127.970-971)

Hawaiian Petrel: 242 km SW of Tofino (47.503, 128.099)

On 26 May, we had:

2 Horned Puffins: 96 km SW of w. end Vancouver Is. (50.033, 129.302)

--Paul Lehman

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