[Tweeters] Olive-sided flycatcher

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This was the first one I have seen, so I am not the person to ask about their calls. We definitely heard "quick three beers." I was confident about my identification from "Birds of the Puget Sound Region;" but playing the song on the Cornell site later at home eliminated any doubt.

Joe and Annette Wright

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I hear the call as - Rick! Bee!-View - Not much different, just my weird ears and a friend named Rick in Bellevue. However, around my property I usually hear just the last part - Bee!-View - Is this still the Olive-sided Flycatcher or someone else?

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Quick three beers!

May 23, Curry Preserve, Lummi Island...
Olive-sided Flycatcher sitting on the highest tree around singing for several minutes.

Annette & Joe

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