[Tweeters] yardbird calls of 2 flycatchers - 5/27/14

Barbara Deihl barbdeihl at comcast.net
Tue May 27 16:44:54 PDT 2014

I can't find either kind of bird, but I hear both 'out there' everyday - the Pacific Slope Flycatcher's "tseet" awoke me this morning (had the window open) and the Western Wood Peewee's "pee-yeer" is happening in late afternoons and late mornings. With some help, I identified these a couple years ago and amazingly, remember which birds they are from. Back then, I did ultimately find and actually see both, but it took a lot of sleuthing - if any of you would want to rise to the challenge of looking for either or both on my property near Matthews Beach, get in touch. I'm satispied with just hearing them right now :-)

Barb Deihl
North Matthews Beach - NE Seattle
barbdeihl at comcast.net

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