[Tweeters] oscillation of osprey

Martha Jordan martha.jordan at outlook.com
Mon May 26 09:30:57 PDT 2014

While visiting Sauvie Island, OR this weekend I observed a group of 6 osprey
circling in the thermals along with one red-tailed hawk. Upon closer viewing
two osprey had a nest in the area (located on a power pole along the road)
and another pair had a nest just down from there along the river. I do not
know where the other pair had their nest. This circling went on for more
than 30 minutes. One of the birds had his/her legs down with the talons
open. None of the others did this behavior.
Eventually all left and then I got to observe one of the osprey bringing
in a fish to the nest. Lots of calling by the birds. Next, one of the
osprey began to circle around the area and a smaller bird gave chase with
typical harassment flight.

There were many common species observed-- expected at the Sauvie Island
wildlife area location.
If you go up that way this summer and park and go over the dikes, do watch
for aggressive bull activity as many cows are grazing the area.

Martha Jordan

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