[Tweeters] Capitol Forest Clark's Nutcrackers...

Tom Mansfield birds at t-mansfield.com
Sun May 25 06:10:11 PDT 2014

Tweets - When I was up seeing the Rock Wren yesterday in Capitol Forest on C4600 off C4000, a pair of "good sized" birds with prominent black/white in the wings and tail flew quite high over headed northeast. The upper body and head was gray and there was no black on the head, which rules out Gray Jay. Also, I knew from the flight pattern they weren't Gray Jay although there were several on the way up and gliding about the clear cut area below me. In the bins, what I saw quite clearly was Clark's Nutcracker, a species I've seen many times in other parts of the state. I didn't realize it until just now as I was entering data from yesterday's trip that this would be a First Record for Thurston County! The birds didn't call (unfortunately) and were flying with purpose so probably not in the area, which at 2500 feet is low for the species, but please keep an eye out if you are after the Rock Wren this weekend. I don't really expect the record keepers to accept this lone sighting without photo for a County First record, though I am certain enough of the identification that I'm keeping it on my personal list!

Tom Mansfield in Seattle.

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