[Tweeters] GRNRA (Kent Ponds) Scrub Jays, Lazuli Bunting and Cinnamon Teal

mgmerrill at comcast.net mgmerrill at comcast.net
Sat May 24 21:57:51 PDT 2014

While looking for the Lazuli Buntings today at about 8:00 a.m. from the South Tower, a pair of Western Scrub Jays flew into the trees SW of the tower, perching in a spindly cedar for long enough to supply some great photo ops, before flying off to the west. Hope they stick around.

As for the buntings, we had success earlier from the Central Tower, looking in the fields to the SE towards the South Tower. Then, upon moving to that South Tower, a bunting began to call from the large tree just adjacent to the tower to the south, before moving to the brush line to the east, then finally out to the north toward the field area in which they were originally seen, and seem to be spending most of their time. Too bad, because when he was close to that tower, the male gave beautiful views. That first area in the fields in roughly equidistant between the two towers, so isn't very close to any viewing point.

Also had a wonderfully colored Cinnamon Teal fly into the tiny pond that is visible from the Central Tower just to the SW. The full pond can't quite be seen, but the bird cooperatively paddled into viewing areas often enough to provide nice photo angles too.

Great morning at the ponds!


Michael Merrill
Maple Valley, WA

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