[Tweeters] Butyl Creek and the Great Midwest Warbler Safari!

Ed Newbold ednewbold1 at yahoo.com
Sat May 24 19:08:41 PDT 2014

Hi all,

In Butyl Creek news, we had at least two Swainson's Thrush, Yellow Warblers, Wilson's Warblers, mostly female, and a dull female Western Tanager on Butyl Creek in a mini-fallout that was augmented by an apparently breeding Golden-crowned Kinglet pair and an American Goldfinch pair.

In other news, Brian Pendleton and I just got home late last night from our  6 day-nonstop GREAT MIDWEST WARBLER SAFARI!

We saw the amazing phenomenon that is MAGEE MARSH (near Toledo, Ohio) first hand!  It was unbelievable.  But we also spent time in Chicago, got caught in a fallout in the suburbs on the Chicago River, saw Henslow's Sparrows in NW Illinois, got skunked going for a visual on Warbler 35 in Indiana, birded in SW Michigan and nearly froze in Central Michigan waiting for a Kirtland's Warbler and generally became aware of the fantastic magnitude of the Mississippi flyway.

Brian put everything we saw on E-bird and took lots of fantastic shots of almost everything we saw (The Connecticut Warbler, of course, was one of the few that beat him out of a photograph in a fair fight)

But all you will get when you go to this link is the shots I took with my beat up one-hundred dollar lense, and a the bird list, in case anyone is interested (and email me eventually I should have a link to Brian's--I am certain-- superb photos):


Thanks all,

Ed Newbold residential Beacon Hill, Seattle  Butyl Creek is our backyard recirculating creek

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